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JMJ Group Consulting develops custom software database applications and provides related services.

Provides a high level comparison of Web Applications, Client/Server, and Desktop development.

Software development. Web browser based applications supporting most client operating systems. Great for Internet or corporate Intranet deployments.

Software development. Multi-user network applications for Microsoft Windows.

Software development. Single-user or multiple users in a small local network.

Convert a desktop application to client/server or turn it into a web application.

Convert your database from Microsoft Access (Jet, MSDE) to Oracle.

Create an informational web site. Learn about web hosts.

Technology Comparison





Web Applications


Workgroups, small database size, small number of users.

Mission critical workgroups. Data volumes may be large or many concurrent transactions, many users.

Enterprise applications, zero deployment option, browser based solution required, Internet or corporate Intranet.


Small local area network. All users in the same location.

Local area network and/or high speed wide area network.

Local area network, wide area network, dial up networking, public Internet, IP based Virtual Private Networking.


Jet, ACE (component of Microsoft Access).

Oracle. Microsoft SQL Server.



Desktop applications can be designed or reconfigured to support client/server configurations.

Client/Server applications can share the same Oracle database with web applications to better support local and remote users.
A properly crafted desktop application can target Oracle or Jet/ACE database platforms.

Web applications can share the same Oracle database with client/server applications to better support local and remote users.


Microsoft Access (2003, 2007, 2010).

Microsoft Access ( 2003,2007, 2010).

Orbit Web Development Suite.

Create dual purpose applications and databases.

Create dual purpose applications and databases

  • A single Microsoft Access application can target both a Jet and Oracle database. One project includes both desktop and client/server development.
  • A single Oracle database can be used by Orbit and Microsoft Access.  One project includes both web application and client/server development.

For help deciding what development solution is right for your project Contact us.

Web Applications



Share, edit, and search important information securely with your web browser. Use web applications on the Internet or in a corporate network (Intranet). A web application enables you to manage your data entry with powerful web forms and to view your critical data with web reports. Best of all, there is no software or plug-ins to install on each computer.

JMJ Group Consulting creates web applications using the Orbit Web Development Suite that allows you to be in total control of your data. Web applications enable you to easily export your information to Microsoft Excel for further analysis. Control who accesses your web application’s forms and reports with powerful security features. Log page access statistics allow you to review detailed usage history.

Web applications contain web reports and forms. Reports are used to display information from the database and to navigate through the application. Data is presented live from the Oracle database. Recent data changes are immediately reflected when the page is delivered to your web browser.

Web forms are used to post information to the database. Saved changes are posted to the database immediately and are ready for all users to view. Form transactions ensure that only one user saves to the database at a time.

Web applications are ideal for mission critical solutions. For more detailed information and web report and form samples see Web Applications. To try a Web Application see demos. Contact us to discuss your web application needs.




When you need a rich Microsoft Windows user interface and a rock solid database choose client/server development. Combine the best Microsoft Windows database application development platform and the best data storage platform to achieve superior results. JMJ Group Consulting uses Microsoft Access and Oracle Database for client/server development.

Choose client/server development over desktop development when you:

  • have many concurrent application users (10, 20, 100, 1000, ...);
  • need to store and regularly access large volumes of data (1G, 2G, 10G, ...);
  • have a very large data table that you regularly access (100,000 rows, 500,000 rows, 1 million rows, ...);
  • have lots of concurrent transactions;
  • have both local and remote network users;
  • have complex business rules; or
  • have high availability requirements.

JMJ Group Consulting develops applications for internal use or commercial deployment.

Several client-side deployments are possible as we actively support Microsoft Access 2003, 2007, 2010. For more detailed information see Client/Server. Contact us to discuss your client/server application needs.




JMJ Group Consulting develops desktop database applications for use with Microsoft’s Jet database engine. Jet is included with Microsoft Access. When you need a rich Microsoft Windows user interface, choose desktop development. Suitable for small workgroups, single user and small local area network installations.

JMJ Group Consulting develops applications for internal use or commercial deployment. Develop a single application that can be deployed to both desktop and client/server environments. This can greatly increase your commercial offerings by reaching a wider market segment.

Several client-side deployment options are possible as we actively support Microsoft 2003, 2007, 2010. For more detailed information see Desktop. Contact us to discuss your desktop application needs.

Application Migration



Many applications start their life as simple desktop database applications. As features, use, and data grows, the application and database outgrow their desktop roots. Convert your desktop application to either a client/server or web application. Upsize your data to Oracle Database.

This is the perfect time to evaluate each feature in the application. Take the opportunity to redesign your most critical features to be more effective. Using our proven review checklist we will ensure the upsized application will perform as expected.

Using JMJ Group Consulting’s Schema Scripter utility we quickly capture and evaluate the current desktop database design. Schema Scripter will analyze the database design and find incompatibilities to correct. The final output is a new Oracle database script.

For more detailed information see Application Migration. Contact us to discuss your application migration needs.

Data Migration



As part of application migration or a development project you might need your data moved between databases. With JMJ Group Consulting’s DB Merge utility we can develop a data conversion solution. Using our refinement process, we can ensure that the data is converted and transformed as you need it.

Have you ever wanted to combine or merge two databases? Thought it was impossible because of overlapping row identifiers? Using JMJ Group Consulting’s DB Merge utility we can combine two identical databases. We have solved the primary/foreign key conflict problem. This ensures the new database has the correct data relationships.

For more detailed information see Data Migration. Contact us to discuss your data migration or database merge needs.

Web Sites



A well-designed, informative web site can be a powerful marketing tool for your business or organization. Using design tools such as NetObjects Fusion and Microsoft FrontPage, JMJ Group can create a web site that will suit your needs.

For more detailed information see Web Sites. Contact us to discuss your web site development needs.

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