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Orbit Web Development Suite is a complete development suite for building rich professional web applications on the Oracle Database platform. Zero deployment efforts means that there is nothing to install on each client desktop computer. To deploy a web application requires no additional software and no browser plug-ins.

Orbit 5.0 available now!

Orbit is a feature-rich web application development environment. Orbit is great for both single- and multi-developer shops. Orbitís rich development environment is an easy to use web application. Orbit provides professional application development features:

  • built-in multi-developer support;
  • advanced easy to learn scripting language (Orbit Markup Language - OML);
  • OML: modify variables with built-in commands - predefined token modifiers for easy presentation options;
  • OML: use built-in token functions and custom functions to add page logic, layout commands, database lookups and custom scripts.
  • create professional web forms and reports including master-detail;
  • advanced database transaction management is standard - Orbit handles all the plumbing to talk to the database tables;
  • advanced database transaction management avoids the common pitfalls of traditional browser applications, e.g. no more need for donít double click here warnings;
  • advanced database transaction management - add event-driven custom extensions to easily handle sophisticated business rules;
  • advanced security options standard;
  • immediate application use in development - no waiting for pages or source code to compile - pages are dynamically generated from the Orbit source code repository immediately after they are saved;
  • complete application search and replace feature to ferret out all instances of your application code and text;
  • built-in multi-language support;
  • easily deploy completed application versions - supports life-cycle development processes with development, test, and production releases; and
  • web applications can be developer extended with browser scripting and custom Oracle code - if it can be done in a web browser or in the Oracle database, then Orbit can do it too!

System Requirements
Oracle Database (all platforms) and Web Server (Oracle HTTP Server powered by Apache or Microsoft Internet Information Server).
Client: Web browser (uses cookies for security management).

For more information see Orbit. To discuss Orbit in more detail or to get a quote Contact Us.



Pluto Logo

Pluto - Help Suite for Orbit Applications is an Orbit web application that provides a rich help and application documentation environment. The Pluto suite provides a content development application and an Orbit lightweight runtime application.

Adding Pluto to an Orbit powered web application is a great addition. Pluto provides a help and documentation environment for your web application. All content is stored in the Oracle database - topics, images, and styles.

For more information see Pluto. To discuss Pluto in more detail Contact Us.



W3 Online Logo

W3 - Who, What, Where is a template contact management (CRM) application available in web application, client/server, and desktop editions.

Use W3 as a template for a new application. This template jump starts the development process by providing a complete application that can be enhanced and customized for your specific needs.

With W3 you can track your important contacts, record your calls, notes, and details. Quickly complete your entry using the predefined setup lists.

Click Here! ... to launch W3 Online live.Launch live demo in a new web browser window.

For more information see W3. To discuss the W3 application template in more detail Contact Us.



Photo Welcome

Photo is a web application template that demonstrates Orbits powerful multimedia capabilities. Photo demonstrates the possibilities for securely managing digital assets. Photo stores all information, including the images, securely in the Oracle database. This enables you to easily control who can create and view content.

In Photo you create slide shows and home pages for everyone to enjoy your photos.

First, upload your photos using the Photo Profile form. The photos are then saved in the Oracle database with a variety of searchable properties. Then, create a series of slide shows to present your photos. Finally, take a collection of slide shows and create a home page. Your photo viewers will be able to view the home pages with the slide shows that you have created.

Click Here! ... to launch Photo live.Launch live demo in a new web browser window.

For more information see Photo. To discuss the Photo web application template in more detail Contact Us.



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