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JMJ Group Consulting develops custom software database applications. We focus on three target solution areas:

  • enterprise applications (internet/intranet),
  • mission critical workgroup applications (client/server), and
  • small workgroup applications (desktop).

Using our rigorous development process results in solutions that can migrate targets when needs change. This ensures that your software development investment is protected.

The key technologies utilized in our solutions are Orbit Web Development Suite, Oracle Database, and Microsoft Access.

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Service Overview

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Web Applications: Using the Orbit Web Development Suite JMJ Group Consulting can build your Internet or Intranet application. Powerful browser-based applications can be created to display reports and manage data through forms. Deploy your application without the need for browser plug-ins. This is a perfect solution when you need to deploy to many clients, over great distances, or donít want to install a client application on each computer. Try out a web application built with Orbit.

Client/Server: Using Microsoft Access to manage forms and reports presentation and Oracle to manage your data and business rules provides a rock solid application environment. This is a great solution when you have many concurrent users or big data volumes. Several client-side deployment options are possible as we actively support Microsoft Access 97, Access 2002, and Access 2003.

Desktop: Using Microsoft Access and Microsoftís Jet database engine, applications can be developed for single-user or a small number of users using a dedicated or shared file server. We design the database and application so they can be easily upgraded to support client/server or web applications when needed.

Application and Data Migration: Are you ready to upsize your application or database? If so, JMJ Group Consulting can help. Using our in-house designed Schema Scripter and Merge DB database conversion utilities, we can analyze and upgrade your database to Oracle. Upsizing generally involves three steps: design and create the new Oracle database, copy the data to the new database, and modify or re-create the application to support the Oracle database. Contact JMJ Group Consulting to discuss your application or data conversion project.

Web Sites: JMJ Group Consulting can help with your web site development project. Using either NetObjects Fusion or Microsoft FrontPage, a site can be developed that gets your message out. We can also help you find a hosting provider and assist you with maintenance.

Anti-Spam Services: Do you download too much junk e-mail, just to clog up your e-mail box and fill up your hard drive? Download just the verified contacts with the same e-mail client software program that you use today. Put you back in control of your mail. For home use, small business use and for enterprises.

Product Overview


JMJ Group Consulting offers the following products for sale:

Orbit Product Logo

Web Development Suite

Orbit is a complete development suite for building rich professional web applications on the Oracle platform. Available now!

Pluto Product Image

Pluto -
Help Suite for Orbit Applications

Pluto is an Orbit web application that provides a rich help and application documentation environment. The Pluto suite provides a content development application and a lightweight runtime application.


JMJ Group Consulting offers the following applications as templates for new application development:


W3 Online Logo Image

W3 -
Who, What, Where

W3 is a contact management application template. Track your contacts and your most important calls and notes. This includes vital information on your customers, prospects, or members. W3 is available in Desktop, Client/Server, and Web Application (Online) versions.
Click Here! ... to launch W3 Online live.Launch live demo in a new web browser window.


Photo Welcome Image


Photo is a web application template that demonstrates Orbitís powerful multimedia capabilities. Create slide shows and home pages for everyone to enjoy.
Click Here! ... to launch Photo live.Launch live demo in a new web browser window.


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